Since the beginning of time man has been sewing. It started with Adam & Eve in the garden sewing fig leaves together. We’re not sure what kind of car they put them in, but if you need us to match a Garden of Eden leave pattern, just bring in the originals, we’ll see what we can do!

Leather skins then, leather skins now. There is nothing like opening the door on a freshly restored vintage Ferrari by Knights Upholstery. It only takes a moment to realize the interior was done with world class detail. Butter soft leather, hand bound carpets, wrapped dash board. Beautiful…
Could be a Ford GT, could be a McLaren, really makes no difference, world class is world class. We have made so many high line interiors we just simply are excellent at it. That is why owners and luxury restorers and auto restylers around the country ship seats and/or whole interiors here to Knights for auto trim. They trust and rely on us. After 25 years I guess we’ve earned it, and we trust them too.

Interior of vintage truck


Auto interior restoration and restyling has been the core of our business for all these years. Everywhere we go the cars follow. Its true Knights Upholstery does a lot of big boats, and yachts, planes even. But in the back ground and on the bench tops all around the shop are seats, convertible tops, headliners, dashboards and door panels. Classic cars or muscle cars, sport cars and luxury cars, were trimming the shift boots, center consoles, suede steering wheels and everything else you can think of…sun visors, trunk liners, tonneau covers, seat belts and air bag replacements and floor mats. Knights Upholstery is Knights Autoworks Inc!! Your interior is safe with us.

Auto Projects

Ford GTX-1

Dodge Viper

Tungsten GT-X1

Blue GT-X1